So glad to have you here - I hope you stay around to explore - there is lots to see! My name is Maria and I have been a newborn & maternity photographer for over 17 years.

My newborn business is called is called SWEET BAMBINI, so adding the word DESIGN seemed like a sensible thing to do - and that's how the SWEET BAMBINI DESIGN brand was born.


and creativity

I am always looking for new ways to offer my clients variety and innovation, whilst staying true to keeping the images as lovely and natural as possible. Discovering the opportunities newborn digital backdrops offered has truly been a revelation. How I wish that concept was around when I first started all those years!

I have set up this website so you can also explore those possibilities and offer your clients more choices - which will benefit not only them , but also your photography business. It's so hard to differentiate yourself from others nowadays, and unique digital backdrops are definitely one of the ways you can  get yourself noticed.

Imagine - no more buying and storing expensive props, or taking hours styling a shoot. Simply decide what you will shoot upfront, or let your clients choose the desired set ups. In fact you can give your client multiple options, just using one base image - how clever is that?

Don't be put off by the thought it might be difficult in post production - as long as you follow simple instructions at the shooting stage, the Photoshop work afterwards is easy-peasy. It's all about preparation!

I try to use fresh flowers as much as possible, but also use silks and many other materials. At the moment I don't create custom backdrops but if you have any ideas please do Contact me, I am more than happy to add your suggestions to the ever growing ideas list.

Thank you for stopping by and happy shopping!