Facebook Support group -  Post your composites, ask questions and check out what others are up to. Access to freebies, feedback and occasional Facebook lives with sneak peeks of new backdrops!

Sweet Bambini Design You Tube channel - watch tutorials and learn at your own pace.

World of Wool - Most of my nests filings are sourced from World of wool ( UK based), look at the carded batts Merino and Perendale Wool batts. Their prices range from £6-9 for 200g of wool, which is sufficient to fill a bowl.  If you get a similar or the same color that has been used in the template it will make your life a lot easier! They also sell wool curls at a very competitive price about £2.25 for 50g – you need 3-4 bags to use as filler I bowl in and underneath baby, as well some other gorgeous items at very reasonable prices like these carded slivers

Although the above do ship worldwide I have done some research to check suppliers outside of the UK - please feel free to check out links below. Carded batts are the best thing to ask for, and around 200g is normally sufficient. If weight shown is on Ounces (oz), please remember there are 28g to an ounce. So 7-8 ounces is perfect. 




Newborn fabric backdrops & wraps - this page would not be complete without a link to the page of my dear friend Sally. She sells beautiful newborn backdrops and wraps so please do check her page out when you get a moment!

Bizzy Izzy Design - Please check out my daughters Etsy shop with little felted hearts and headbands.