Who are digital backdrops for?

Digital backdrops are for photographers. They replace traditional props that you need to buy and store at your studio - digital props don't take up any physical space, make session planning easier, and can be re-used as many times as you like.

You will need Photoshop or any other software that enables you to work with layers and layer masks, to be able to use the digital backdrops.

There are some fantastic tutorials online about working with masks, please check out the link below from Phlearn and also please also check out the SBD You tube Channel where I will be adding more tutorials very soon.

Digital backdrops look a bit scary, I don't think I would know how to use them?

The learning curve can be steep, but only if you expect the impossible. If you follow the guidelines and instructions that are supplied to help you, you will find that digital backdrops are not only a lot of fun but also enable you to provide more variety for your clients, and make your life a lot easier. I now use them in almost every session and have found they they are very easy to incorporate into the workflow, and you need not spend hours in Photoshop.

Why would I use a digital backdrop?

Unless you have a massive amount of storage space or an unlimited budget for props, it is a very cost effective way of being able to create beautiful images without having to own the actual props. You may also not have access to certain things, depending on which part of the world you live in, or the time and money to make up elaborate set ups for all your clients. Some of the Digital backdrops you see in the shop, especially those using fresh flowers are every expensive to make and in real life would not be something you could use for multiple sessions - simply because the flowers would wilt.

 Can I use them more than once?

Absolutely! That is the whole point of purchasing digital backdrops. Think about it in the same way as buying regular props - the difference is they are stored in a folder on your desktop and not in your studio. Just remember to save the original high resolution file, and back it up after you download it. When you start working on your composite image, please make sure you work on a copy of the original file you downloaded. If you accidentally overwrite it - don't worry, you can re download it up to 3 times from your account area.

Can I share these files with my photographer friends?

No, sharing is not allowed. When you buy a digital backdrop file, you may use it to create images for your clients , friends or family. You may sell and share the end result - the finished composite image that includes the baby, but NOT the original file. Please read the T&C's for full details.

 I'm a mum and I want to put my baby in one of those - how do I do it?

Digital backdrops will work best with images that have been taken by a professional photographer. If you have a session booked in you can ask your photographer to shoot specifically for the template you have chosen, so after the session they can composite your baby image into the backdrop. Please note that either yourself or the photographer will need to purchase your chosen template.

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