The Sweet Bambini Design Affiliate Program allows you to make extra income by promoting and posting links to our products. Please note you will need to satisfy our Affiliate criteria, so please complete the form below and we will get back you within 72 hours.


Get up and running very quickly! It’s easy & free. No third-party advertiser approvals.


You can promote Sweet Bambini Design through blog posts, your website or social media - the sky is the limit!

Step 3 - GET PAID

Monthly payouts, straight into your Paypal account! You get your own dashboard to keep track.

So, how does it work?

  • You tell us a little bit about how you intend to promote SBD,  and if approved for the Affiliate program, you will receive 15% of every sale that comes through your referral link.
  • Tiered payout system - there is an opportunity for you to earn a higher %, with up to 30% overall commission.
  • You will have access to your own dashboard to show you exactly how you are doing, and what your earnings are. 
  • You will get a payout once a month directly into your Paypal account.

Why should I promote you?

Because you are a lovely person and so are we! And why not? It's a great way for SBD to get some extra exposure, and for you to receive some $$$ as a big thank you.

Can anyone apply?

Sure. As long as you are honest and don't use your Affiliate links for your own purchases ( if you do you will be removed as an Affiliate) , and you only promote SBD using ethical methods then great!

So no spamming or sending unsolicited emails - thats a big no no. And, this goes without saying, please never promote SBD through any websites that contain offensive content. 

We reserve the right to refuse any Affiliate applications.

Can I please have some ideas on how I can promote you?

  • Facebook pages or groups targeted to photographers
  • Instagram posts
  • You can write a blog post and link through to our website
  • You can send out an email newsletter to your email list if you already market to photographers (for example you may be a photography trainer)
  • You can pop us in your "Links" or "Partners" section of your website