Editor's Commercial License for Digital Backdrops


Are you an Editor of Digital Artist that photoshops subjects into backdrops for your clients? Then this License is for you. 

This License gives you the rights to use the backdrops purchased from this store to create beautiful images for your clients. The source images can be supplied by your client or shot by you (it doesn't matter). They key is that you will be able to supply your client with a finished product that you edited, and be able to show and offer this option on your website ( please ensure it is with the subject already photoshopped in).

Once you purchase your License for the backdrop you can use the backdrop again and again.


* EACH backdrop or product you purchase requires the purchase of a ONE Commercial License. e.g. if you want to use 3 digital backdrops commercially then you will need to purchase 3 Licenses.

* The License does NOT give you rights to re-sell these digital files or give you the right to give / sell commercial rights to others.