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$41.00 (VAT included).

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Product Details
This listing is to edit the baby into the backdrop for you. It includes 1 choice of backdrop - so if you send me your base image, it will be returned to you with the baby in the backdrop.

The empty backdrop is not included with this service, only the finished image with your baby in it.

If you need help with taking the base image please join the parents help group https://www.facebook.com/groups/420260465975259 where special occasional special deals will be available.


Not all images are suitable for all backdrops, so please don't buy this service unless you have messaged me the baby image for approval first. You can use Whatsapp for this, my number is 07985 571 642, please reference: IMAGE TEST

- As a guideline, if you have an image taken on white or light colour, look for backdrops where the blanket or fluff under the baby is light and vice versa. I can recommend a backdrop that will be a suitable one for your image if you are not sure what might work.

So if you have an image of a baby taken on a black drop, I will not be able to photoshop it into a backdrop with a white middle for example.

- Service is available for backdrops from Sweet Bambini Design, or on third party backdrops if you can show proof of purchase AND the vendor DOESN'T offer an editing service themselves.

- The files for the actual edit must be sent by either WeTransfer, Dropbox, Google Drive or email

- Service is available for backdrops from Sweet Bambini Design, or on third party backdrops if you can show proof of purchase AND the vendor doesn't offer an editing service themselves.

- Price is per image and there are no discounts for bulk edits,

- After sending the file and getting confirmation, please allow 72 hours to receive your finished image

Usage - you will be able to use your finished image as you please, so any social sharing or printing, for NON COMMERCIAL use only
Terms of use


By downloading the files you agree to the terms outlined below.

Copyright belongs Sweet Bambini Design. All Rights Reserved.

The digital templates you download are for personal and/or professional use with clients ONLY.

1- You may NOT resell, gift, distribute, share or loan these images in any form to anyone including but not limited to other photographers, family or friends.

2-You may not modify the files you have purchased or use any elements of those images to be incorporated to into your own templates that you intend to sell or share.

3- All images are Copyright protected and Copyright belongs to Maria Murray at Sweet Bambini Design.

4- All sales are final. Due to the digital nature of the products there are no exchanges, refunds or returns.



The backdrop may only be used for the photographers own use in connection with images taken by the photographer or a member of their studio, if they are employed by the photographer. For the avoidance of doubt may not be resold, distributed or used for the benefit of any third party other that the photographer’s own clients ("own" clients to mean where as the photographer you or someone that works for you, have taken the pictures in a professional capacity) to enhance images taken in a professional photography session.

Use of the backdrop in connection with images created by consumers, other photographers or any other third party is strictly prohibited. The backdrop is protected by copyright and other intellectual property rights and must not be shared, licensed, disseminated or otherwise distributed to any third party. This licence is not transferable. Any use of the backdrop other than as expressly permitted by this licence is strictly prohibited.

If a consumer requests that a photographer provides editing services, where the consumer (or anyone else other than you or a member of your staff) has created the images, and not the photographer - this is permitted, but only if the consumer can provide proof that they have purchased the backdrop themselves.

Once you have created the final final artwork (provided the editing service), you must not keep the digital backdrop template for your own usage, unless you have purchased it yourself.


If you are purchasing this backdrop in a non photographer capacity (as a consumer), you may use an editing service to help you create a final image (so photoshopping in your baby, child or family). As you would be forwarding the editor/photographer both your original image and the backdrop image, you will need to make it clear too the editor/photographer that they are not able to to keep the backdrop for their own future use, and they will only use it for the purpose intended, i.e completion of your final artwork. You (the consumer) may print & share the final artwork ( so the finished backdrop that includes your baby/child or family) as you wish, for personal use only.



Returns Info

Several types of goods are exempt from being returned. Downloadable software or products cannot be returned or refunded. All sales are final. Due to the digital nature of the products there are no exchanges, refunds or returns.


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